Why Modular Construction ?

Faster and more cost-effective than traditional on-site construction
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  • Simultaneous Construction

    Modular construction allows on-site and off-site construction to occur simultaneously. While excavation and foundation laying is taking place, your building is being carefully constructed in our weather-proof, 65,000-square-foot facility.

  • Aviod Weather Damage & Delays

    Traditional construction exposes materials to damaging weather conditions, sacrificing the integrity of the building components and, therefore, the finished product. Inclement weather also halts on-site construction, resulting in significant and costly delays. At Wilkins Builders, raw materials are sheltered from damaging conditions and construction takes place in the controlled environment of our facility.

  • More Afforable

    Modular construction is more affordable because it is more efficient. Wilkins Builders buys raw materials in bulk and completes building faster in its state-of-the-art facility. With no loss of materials and increased productivity, modular construction saves you up to 50% over conventional building methods. And since we offer the option to lease buildings as well, Wilkins Builders can give you the most affordable option for any temporary site needs

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